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    Don’t pay the high interest rates dealers offer, we have a variety of lenders to choose from to get you some great low rates for both business and personal vehicles, call us today on 1800 REDLOANS

    Whether you’ve selected the vehicle you want to buy or just want the confidence of knowing what you can afford, ask Redlands Mortgages about our car loans to gives you the option of applying for an approval or a pre-approval loan.

    A car loan is a personal loan which is secured by the car you are purchasing. We can assist with loans for cars purchased through a dealership, at an auction or through private sales.

    Your Redlands Mortgages car loan is a fixed loan where the financier advances money to buy a vehicle. The financier holds a mortgage over the car which is used as security for the loan. Motorists can finance the total purchase price of the car or can make an up-front deposit or a residual payment may also be placed at the end of the term.


    • Motorist takes ownership at time of purchase.
    • Minimal capital outlay.
    • Flexible contract terms.
    • Fixed repayments which can be tailored.
    • Repayments exempt from GST.
    • Depreciation and interest charged are tax deductible.
    • Lower interest rates as finance is secured against the car.


    Commercial Fast Track Loans

    Ask us about our Commercial Fast Track loans where we can fund an array of new and used products with no finance documents required.

    In order to be eligible applicants must be:

    – Self employed or company applicants (this includes sole traders, partnerships and trusts)
    – ABN registered for at least 24 months^
    – GST registered for last 12 months (where required)

    Com Fast Track Conditions

    • New & used motor vehicle and type A assets
    • Up to $150k total amount financed where applicant is asset backed (or applicant’s guarantor or spouse is a home buyer/owner)
    • Up to $100k total amount financed where a deposit of 20% is provided and applicant is not asset backed

    Subject to the following:
    • Total amount financed includes brokerage plus any fees that are financed
    • Satisfactory credit reference on applicant and/or guarantors
    • No adverse credit (paid defaults <$1000 accepted)
    • Signed Asset and Liability statement to be provided


    Income Verification Guide:

    1. Permanent Full Time Employee & Permanent Part-Time Employment  – last 2 recent payslips OR recently signed employment contract OR latest financial year group certificate and recent payslip
    2. Self Employed – last 2 years tax returns
    • For Consumer “Tier C” (bad credit) applicants our maximum lend will be $35K (inclusive of insurances etc.)
    • We will not lend to any casual employee less than 12 months in their job. For greater than 12 months casual employment, maximum lend is $35K. If a casual employee(greater than 12 months in job) is rated higher than “Tier C” we may consider a higher lend but this will be on a case by case basis.  Last 2 recent payslips (must show YTD earnings).  Depending on the timing of the payslips we may require group certificate, tax return etc.
    • Where there is a single applicant of a couple but spouses income is required to prove servicing we will require spouses payslip or other income verification  to be collected along with a copy of spouse’s executed Privacy Consent Form. (if applicable please provide at application stage)

    (Note: extra information may be required on a case by case basis)

    Acceptable Centrelink Incomes for servicing purposes (provided it is a regular monthly or fortnightly benefit) are as follows:

    –        Family Payments (type A & B)

    –        Partner Allowance

    –        Parenting Payments

    –        Rental Assistance

    –        Carers payment

    –        Disability Support Payment

    –        Aged Pension

    –        Widow Pension

    –        Veteran Affairs

    Unacceptable income for servicing purposes are:

    –        Non-court ordered child or spousal maintenance

    –        Newstart

    –        Youth Allowance

    –        Austudy

    –        Child Care

    –        Baby Bonus

    –        Foster Care


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